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The Last Victim, a Romance Novel

Plot Summary:

Sophie Rothman has a husband, a family, a home and a twisted obsession – hoarding money. When arguments over money drive her husband, Harry, away, Sophie’s loneliness draws her into a secret love affair and an unwanted pregnancy. After her lover leaves her, Sophie begs Harry to return and deceives him into believing the child she’s carrying is his.

JeanieJeanie is born, and the fate of this daughter hinges on Sophie keeping her secret. Jeanie grows into a beautiful strong-willed woman who is driven to pursue her dream of being an archaeologist.

Destiny leads Jeanie to Masada, an ancient ruin in the Israeli desert. In the harsh desert sands, she uncovers Israel’s lost treasures and finds her true love – David.

When Jeanie returns to New York and announces her plan to marry David, Sophie is forced to reveal her long-guarded secret and forbid the marriage.

The shocking truth threatens to shatter Jeanie’s dream of love and forever change her life.

The Last Victim is a romance novel about forbidden love, betrayal and the consequences of a life-changing lie. It’s a story spanning three decades – from the streets of New York in the 1940s to the streets of Israel in the 1960s. Here is an intimate portrait of an American family, their ambitions and their conflicts, and the suspense-filled triumph of a young woman pulled back from the brink by love.

The Last Victim is available as an eBook on Amazon.

Editorial Review 
Deception can breed lies on top of lies. “The Last Victim” is the story of the Rothman family, as Jeanie tries to live her life as she discovers her mother, Sophie, and her deep deception against her family. Delving into her mother’s obsessions, affairs, and manipulation, Jeanie must learn the truth and face down her mother’s mistakes. “The Last Victim” is a choice read with plenty to consider for general fiction collections… “very much recommended.” – Midwest Book Review

Book Club Review
“We thoroughly enjoyed The Last Victim and would love a sequel to this fascinating story.”
Palm Isles Book Club

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Book Details

Author: Elaine Bossik
Paperback: 263 pages
Publisher: Portable Shopper, LLC (May 21, 2011)
Book Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8.5″
Author: Elaine Bossik
Author: Elaine Bossik
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