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The Last Victim is a romance novel about a woman whose secret love affair may forever change her daughter’s life. Only one woman will emerge triumphant.

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by Herman Storick on The Last Victim
The Last Victim.


by Elaine Haspel on The Last Victim
The Last Victim

Congratulations! It's a Wonderful book. I really enjoyed reading it. The characters were brought to life by your excellent descriptive writing. Of course growing up in Brooklyn and having gone to the Catskills during those years, for me,the book was very meaningful and nostalgic. Looking forward to reading your next one!

by Lenore Stoller on The Last Victim
The Last Victim

The Last Victim was a real page turner. Elaine Bossik has written a story filled with characters as real and compelling as perhaps people we know.The Lsst Victim is a layered tragedy- the story is outstanding . You keep hoping that Sophie will finally realize what is really important in life and in the lives of her husband and her children. Having grown up in Brooklyn Elaine's novel provided me with an incredible trip down memory lane!

by Joyce Bruno on The Last Victim
The Last Victum

What a great book! I couldn't put the book down and I was sorry that it had to end. Your character development was great. Looking forward to your next book.

by Arlene Panzer on The Last Victim
The Last Victim

I loved the book, The Last Victim, written by Elaine Bossik and could not put it down until I finished reading it! Buy a copy and read it as soon as you can - it will be one of your favorites!

This is a family saga with an intriguing story and incisive, fascinating character studies.
It brought me back to my Brooklyn background with some of the characters feeling familiar and made the book that much more interesting!

This book is a must-read!!!

Arlene Panzer

by Fran Rubenstein on The Last Victim
Praise for The Last Victim

The Last Victim was a wonderful read. I found the book un-put-downable, at the same time not wishing my journey with such interesting and well-drawn characters to end. Enjoy the trip. I certainly did!

by Sheila Bialek on The Last Victim
Riviting Read

I recently finished reading "The Last Victim" and thoroughly enjoyed it. The clarity with which Ms Bossik developed her characters made them totally believable. Once I started to read the book, I could hardly put it down. I am greatly anticipating Ms. Bossik's next novel.

by Arlene Hussey on The Last Victim
Magnificent Writing.. Breathtaking Story

I just finished The Last Victim. It took me awhile to read because I literally did not want it to end and so I only read a little each day. The author has a gift of storytelling that completely absorbs the reader. Not for one moment was there a dry or boring passage. The vivid description of places and characters is stunning. I so enjoyed reading the Israeli history. How the aiuthor wound this story about places and people, that were definitely familiar to me, into this saga is unimaginable.

by Yale H. on The Last Victim
Mesmerizing, Beautiful Writing !!!

The review title says it all.I started reading the book on a plane from Florida to California and could not believe the captain's announcement that we were starting the descent into Los Angeles.The story and characters were so compelling and engrossing that I had been unable to put it aside during the five and half hour flight. I could barely wait to finish it in the next few days when my grandchildren allowed me the time, and when I did finish it, I had withdrawal symptoms. I eagerly look forward to seeing this book on the"Best Seller" list and hope it will not be long until your next book.

by marilyn L. on The Last Victim
An Engrossing and Insightful Book

Elaine Bossik, your ability to put words together into flowing sentences that immediately involve and engross your readers, confirms your fine talent. I was quickly drawn to the fascinating plot and colorful settings of Brooklyn and the Catskills, that brought back many of my childhood memories. Your interesting family characters were well defined through dialogue and deeds. I often found myself thinking of Sophie's destructive behavior toward her family as well as herself. You gave your readers insights to reflect upon. I'm eagerly looking forward to your next book.

by Jean Horowitz on The Last Victim
The Last Victim

I enjoyed the story very much and couldn't put the book down until I finished. The character development is excellent and succeeds in making the story more interesting. I recommended the book to my library and book club.

by Ruthe Ledis on The Last Victim
What a Compelling Story

Elaine Bossik's book is a beautfully crafted first novel! What a compelling story that truly holds the reader. I hope Elaine Bossik will continue to write and is planning to start a new book soon. Can't wait for it! She indeed has a gift.

by Karen A. on The Last Victim
A True Winner!

Ms. Bossik beautifully captures the essence of a tragic family set against the colorful cityscapes of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Jerusalem. A fast-paced, addicting read!

by Gerry Newberg on The Last Victim
This Book Has to be Made Into a Movie.

The characters are riveting. Its message about obsession and its effect on family and relationships is timeless. I could not put it down and finished it in just a few days. I find myself thinking about the characters and will have to read it again. Growing up in Brooklyn, I was reliving my childhood in a much more interesting story. The Catskills also brought back memories of happy times. But, the most fascinating portion of the story, as it unfolds in Israel with all its rich history, is amazing. I've been to Israel, but learned so much more from this story. You don't have to be Jewish or come from Brooklyn to enjoy this book. A Great work.

by Lee Newberg on The Last Victim
Wow! What an Amazing Page Turner.

I am usually a very slow reader but couldn't put this down, and I finished it in a week. The characters were so powerful and interesting. Since I grew up in Brooklyn, the beginning of the story was like reliving my past. Even if you did not grow up in B'klyn, you should read this book that delves into obsession and its effect on family and relationships. Well done!

by Dianna Malon on The Last Victim

I just loved this book from beginning to end. The first page captured me and it was difficult to put the book down. I especially loved the descriptions and events in the Catskill Mountains, as I spent many years there as a child, teenager, and then young woman with my son, Adam, and my beloved father, Nathan, and aunt Esther. So many memories came flashing back, bringing much happiness. I also was intrigued with every character that Elaine Bossik wrote about. I loved some and hated one, Sophie, and could not forgive her for her treatment of Jeannie. Pity was my feelings for Harry, and questioning when he would stand up to Sophie kept me page turning. The Israel adventure made me feel as if I was there, and the love scenes between David and Jeannie had be remembering first love. What I also enjoyed was the comraderee between the sisters and Albert. The love and devotion they had for each other was most beautiful. Albert's deep concern and empathy for Ruthie after being raped reminded me of the love my dear brother Ronnie had for me. This book brought back feelings of my own family (the love and devotion) and there are not enough words to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Bravo!

by elaine schwartz on The Last Victim
I Loved This Novel!!!

I was smitten from page one, and was torn between not wanting to put the book down, to not wanting to finish it and lose the amazing set of characters and circumstances that had become part of my life for a few short days. Elaine Bossik is an amazing writer, and has demonstrated the ability to bring characters, places and circumstances to life in a very intelligent and well thought out manner. The Brooklyn neighborhood and its inhabitants, the daily routines of life, and the colorful expressions of speech, transported me back to my own Brooklyn childhood. I am in awe of the tremendous amount of research that apparently went into describing the archaeological dig and the history of Israel. I highly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates quality writing, and the opportunity to meet a set of charachters that one will not soon forget.

by Evan D. on The Last Victim
Like a Feature Film

Reading this novel was like watching a drama on the big screen. You could picture everything down to the last detail. It made me feel like I was experiencing everything along with the amazing characters. This story has got to be made into a feature film or an HBO mini series. It's a winner!

by Michele R. on The Last Victim
A Page-Turner

I have to read "The Last Victim" again. It was that good! It's a page-turner from the very first page. I didn't want it to end. I hope Elaine Bossik writes a sequel. I want to follow these characters to the end of their lives. I simply can't let go of them.

by Barbara T. on The Last Victim
Wow, What a Story

This book is fantastic. All I can say is, "Wow!" What a story! The characters jump right out of the book and into your life. To me, that's what makes a great book--unforgettable characters.These characters will haunt you. You will love them and hate them. And you will never forget them, even after you've read the last page.

by Claire Z. on The Last Victim
Pure Entertainment

Amazing story. Extraordinary character development. This is pure entertainment from the first page to the last. You will not be able to put this book down for one moment. And you will not stop talking about it and thinking about it.

by Arline S. on The Last Victim
Characters Will Haunt You

I just finished reading The Last Victim and I can't stop thinking about it. I got so involved with the characters and the story that I felt like I was living it. These are the most amazing characters I've ever come across in a novel. Once you read it, the characters will haunt you, especially Sophie. She's like someone out of a Dicken or Steinbeck novel.

by Eric B. on The Last Victim
Amazing Novel!

The characters in this novel are so realistic that I couldn't put the book down. This novel will become the best seller of the year.